Patent Litigation Finance

1624's investment capital can cover some or all of the costs of monetizing a claim. The costs of large scale commercial litigation have escalated to astronomically high levels in recent years.  In many cases, well-capitalized defendants can afford these costs, leaving smaller plaintiffs with shallower pockets powerless.

In the United States, 1624 funds attorney fees or expenses in a situation where the claimant wishes to share the expense of a law firm's hourly fees with an outside party. Where the law firm wishes to take a case on contingency, 1624 may share the risk of litigation by funding part of attorney fees or out-of-pocket expenses.  For attorneys, working with a third-party funder can be a valuable means of attracting quality clients and striking fee arrangements that best align all parties' incentives.  Claimants unlock hidden value for their company through their legal claims, without interfering with core operations.

In Europe, litigation finance provides third-party support due to the relative unavailability of US-style contingency fee agreements.  In addition, European claimants require After-the-Event (ATE) insurance to protect against adverse costs in the event of a lost litigation.  1624 brings litigation funding and ATE insurance underwriting under one roof, with the costs of due diligence and opinion of counsel absorbed by the funder.  1624 makes obtaining funding and insurance in Europe more cost effective and faster than ever before.

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Patent Advisory/Brokerage

Depending on business goals, sometimes litigation is not the best monetization strategy at all, and a licensing campaign, sale of the patent, debt deal or another transaction would be more appropriate.

1624 analyzes the patent portfolio, including the strength of the patents, the value in a sale or licensing opportunity, and the suitable targets for acquisition or partnership.  We then leverage our relationships—domestic and abroad—within the patent space to obtain the best result for the patent holder.  Depending on the circumstances, this may be a sale of the patents, sale and license-back relationship, or providing of strategic capital (debt or equity) into the company itself.

For growing entities, a strong patent portfolio can provide an invaluable advantage in the battle with competitors.  1624 helps companies in emerging areas of technology identify and negotiate the acquisition of patents, trademarks and know-how from sellers.  Through strategic relationships, 1624 may have access to off-market patents to which the company may not have access.

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